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I recently shot my first wedding for a friend that I’ve been lucky enough to know through capturing her son’s milestones. I had the time of my life watching this beautiful woman prepare to say ‘I Do’ to the love of her life. I laughed as I listened to Krista’s sister tell her unfiltered stories. I got teary eyed as her and her mom practiced walking down the aisle in her hotel room together. I even took a moment to reflect on life as I stared at the hospital bracelet Krista’s mom had brought from the day Krista was born. I thought about how fast life moves. How we start out these sweet little beings that know nothing about what is to come, and then we grow into passionate strong adults. For many of us we are lucky enough to go to college, build careers, and make families. We endure many days, some of which we epically fail at and others where we shine so bright.

This beautiful bride had so many loved ones there to be a part of her day. A memory that goes down as one of the biggest and most special days of Krista’s life. On this day she married her love, had unforgettable special moments with her mom, laughed endlessly with her sister by her side, and lived each moment with all of her friends and family at her side.

As I captured each set of family members, I felt warm inside. I felt whole being responsible for these memories that they will spend their lives looking back on. When a wedding day is over and time quickly passes by, the memories begin to fade of a day so beautiful and that passed so quickly. But, the best part of a wedding is having the ability to reflect on it until the end of time through the photographs. It lights a fire inside and brings memories back that were forgotten. You can almost hear the laughter of the day. You can feel yourself standing at the alter, the sun shining on your face, with the love of your life at your side. You can feel the breeze that passes as you sit and watch two people vowing forever to each other. You can feel the tears that fall on your face as your daughter goes from your little girl to a woman with a beautiful family of her own and a man to take care of her the way you always prayed for.

One very special person was there for her day. Her brother David. Him and her sister Shaina humored me with my poses and they were all so genuinely happy. You could sense the love that was within this family and the bonds so tight. There was no question that these people loved each other to the core. I’ll never forget asking Krista’s brother and sister to kiss her on the cheek and they both looked at me like I was crazy, but still humored me. That photo goes down as one of my absolute favorites because the smile on Krista’s face was priceless. I hope that she can always feel the soft touch of her brother on her cheek through this memory.

In loving memory of Krista’s brother, David Holgersen

December 18, 1990 – April 7, 2017

  • Shirley Wilson - A beautiful wedding shown through these pictures. So happy there are such good pictures of David, many to remember how happy everyone was during this wonderful wedding. My sympathy goes out to his famaily and friends. A beautiful wedding, now such sadness.ReplyCancel

  • Kris Tengberg - What a precious gift you gave this family. Your photos and story form a living narrative that goes straight to the heart~ReplyCancel

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